What is the correct routine for a daily skincare routine?

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What is the correct routine for a daily skincare routine?

Step 1: Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening

It is often thought that the face does not require special care in the morning, but is mistaken. While we rest at night, the human body has about 3 million sweat glands that do not stop working at night. For this reason, the skin in the morning is covered with a light layer of dirt and bacteria. Therefore, the SKIN MUST BE WASHED IN THE MORNING, as dirt and bacteria must be removed before using further skin care products.

An evening cleanser should also be used to wash away the dirt, dust, and make-up accumulated on the face during the day. 

Step 2: Skin toning

The tonic can not only remove dirt and dead skin cells but also lighten the skin or adjust its natural pH. Due to air pollution, make-up, and improper lifestyle, the natural pH of the skin is disrupted and this drastically affects our skin. If the pH of the skin is not balanced, the skin is prone to dryness or vice versa often referred to as the "shiny skin effect". Using a facial tonic will prevent these negative effects and thus prepare the skin for further use of the products.

Step 3: Serum application

Daily use of the serum should be part of a proper skincare routine. Serum layering is an effective and world-renowned way to quickly restore and improve skin condition. 

Serum usually contains a concentration of biologically active substances that is much higher than cream, making the serum a much more permeable product. By using two sera with different functions at the same time, we can expect both a double benefit and a rapid change and immediate effect.

In addition, we ensure the continuity of stabilizers, emulsifiers, and activating ingredients by using several sera from the same company. Also, in the case of intolerance to certain substances, the use of products from the same brand makes it possible to identify which ingredient is specifically unsuitable for the skin, as products from the same brand usually contain similar active substances, such as the same antioxidant.

Step 4: Face cream

The products on the face must be applied from the lightest to the heaviest. This means first applying a serum that is much lighter than the cream and made from water and then applying the cream.

This sequence makes sense due to the different properties of the products: if we apply the cream before easy care (ie tonic or serum), the two products will not be able to mix - just like when trying to mix the oil with water. Often, an oil-based cream would not even allow the water-based product to be absorbed and this would affect the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, giving the skin a few minutes after each product is important so that the appropriate cosmetics can be absorbed correctly and evenly, and we can enjoy a great result.

The saturation of the chosen cream is not important in the daily skincare routine. Its whole function is to create a kind of protective barrier for the skin and ensure that moisture remains in it. Day creams not only provide good hydration but also protect against harmful effects on the environment. Meanwhile, night creams, which contain rich ingredients, especially promote skin regeneration during sleep. If it is not convenient to use day and night face creams separately, you can choose an alternative - a universal cream adapted to your skin type, which can be used both in the morning and in the evening after the serum is completely absorbed. 

Step 5: Protective sunscreen

Skin care products with sunscreen are primarily designed to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and generally have no special care effect. Therefore, it is not bad if the product cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

No matter what the texture of the sunscreen, it is always applied after all the skin care steps listed above. 

Step 6 (optional): Exfoliating skin and face masks

Facial scrubs and masks are integral processes in facial skin care. Depending on the need or problem, these procedures should be performed at least once a week, unless otherwise stated on the product packaging.

A facial exfoliation step is required before applying any mask. Remedies that gently exfoliate the surface of the skin help remove dead skin cells that have not been removed on their own over time. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the mask being applied further.

Masks are applied after exfoliating the skin. These, like creams or serums, are usually designed to solve certain skin problems. A wide selection allows you to choose from strongly moisturizing or pore-tightening, dry or oily facial skin, and many other masks. Face masks should be applied to clean, freshly exfoliated, and washed skin.

After these procedures, the skin can be additionally rejuvenated, moisturized, or nourished with a favorite tonic, serum, and/or cream. 


The importance of both consistency and sequencing with a variety of skin care products has led us to create a ROUTINE - a set of products for your correct skincare routine. When measures are used alone, one at a time, or in the wrong order, the measures lose some of their effectiveness. Products take time to work, thus patience is the key to achieving desired skincare results. 

Visit the MANILLA website and choose a skin care set based on your skin type/problem that will guarantee the first results after the first few weeks of use.

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