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The human body is made up of over 70% water - it is an essential element not only for maintaining our vital functions but also for maintaining well-being and good skin condition. But did you know that we only feel thirst when our body loses 1% of its body weight? So what about our skin? How does our skin "tell" us that we are short on water?

Read this post to learn what skin dehydration is, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it!

⁠Dehydrated OR dry? 

We usually encounter a fundamental error in terminology: dehydrated and dry skin are two different things. Dry skin is a type of skin and dehydration is its condition. All types of skin can dehydrate, so it's a mistake to think that if your skin is oily, dehydration should not be a problem!

How to distinguish SOS signals sent by our skin that it is dehydrated?⁠

  1.  Both excessive oiliness and dryness/tightness of the skin may be felt;

  2. Darkened or swollen eyes;

  3. Skin peeling, dehydration, and redness;

  4. Reddened or shiny skin;

  5. Prominent skin wrinkles and mimic lines;

  6. Unpleasant bodily sensations - dizziness, dry mouth, feeling weak (these are signs of severe dehydration).

Stand in front of a mirror for a quick test. Place the fingertips on the skin below the cheekbones, press it and lift it about 1 cm. If you notice small wrinkles - your skin seems to be short of water, and if the wrinkles are extremely bright - your skin is dehydrated and needs urgent help.

Skin dehydration is most likely experienced by each of us. Sun, wind, dry air, indoor conditioners, poor nutrition, and the use of inappropriate skin care products are the primary causes of skin dehydration.

What should be avoided to deal with skin dehydration?

- Avoid direct sunlight, which dries the skin and accelerates its aging;

- Drink alcohol and coffee in moderation as these are diuretics that help to eliminate fluids from the body;

- Drink plenty of water during training, especially in summer, when we sweat much more intensely;

- Limit your intake of sugar and salt, and if this is difficult, compensate with plenty of water;

- Use cosmetics without desiccants, such as low molecular weight alcohols (ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol), and hot foams.

What tools to use?

Skincare products need to be selected very carefully to combat dehydration! MANILLA has created a great solution for those who do not know what is suitable for dehydrated skin and how to take care of it - the intensely moisturizing NUDITUM line products.

Detergent - removes make-up and other dirt without drying the skin;

Tonic - restores the skin's pH balance and revitalizes the skin, preparing it for further use;

Collagen serum - intensely moisturize the skin, reduce skin imperfections and solve the problem of dry skin, and when used together are perfect for the serum treatment procedure.

Moisturizer - helps to retain moisture in the skin, lock it and restore its balance.

If you suffer from the symptoms of this condition but want to solve the problem and enjoy beautiful and healthy skin - follow the recommendations in this post, review your lifestyle habits and use the right cosmetics to help reduce unpleasant symptoms and restore the skin to normal.

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