Founded in 2016 by a doctor and led by a female scientist R&D team.

With a goal to democratize expert everyday skincare solutions for women, regardless of skin type, age or race, and challenge the beauty industry.

Now there is already a movement of more than 70 000 women, who have rebuilt their everyday routine for healthier skin - be one of them!


Our COSMETIC TUBES are made of a bioplastic-biopolymer derived from sugar cane grown in Brazil, and their production protects the environment - the amount of CO2 collected directly fights against the greenhouse effect. This means not only not polluting, but also purifying the air and thus protecting the ozone layer needed by all living things on earth.


The COSMETIC BOXES, PACKAGING, SHIPMENT BOXES, WRAPPING PAPER AND EVEN ADHESIVE TAPE we use in our packaging are made of 100% recycled paper and cardboard, which is certified to be protected and sustainable during production. The paper used is certified by the FSC, a responsible forest management organization that ensures forest biodiversity, soil conservation and carbon sequestration to mitigate global warming. Paper production uses 100% renewable green energy, and the Green Seal certificate ensures that the boxes are made from paper that meets the highest environmental standards.

In order to contribute to the preservation of the natural flora, every year the MANILLA team plants 3 of the deep sprouted oaks for each employee of the company - that's how many trees produce the amount of oxygen a person needs.


The INGREDIENTS we use are only plant-based, completely natural and environmentally friendly: from renewable carbon sources (we ensure that the plants from which the raw materials are extracted are replanted) and self-decomposing (used cosmetics that have entered the general water cycle decompose and leave no trace of their existence weeks, meaning no harm to ecosystems at all).


We use biotechnological innovations - a model of green (plant), blue (algae and microplankton) and white (bacterial cultivation) biotechnology. We use microorganisms and microalgae from plant sources, so we can ensure efficiency and nature conservation.

We select ingredients and their concentrations on the basis of scientific research and procure them only from the highest quality suppliers located worldwide and complying with the legal requirements of the European Union. Our products are enriched with biopolymers and exopolysaccharides obtained by biotechnological methods: hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen, keratin, botanical extracts of plants, fungi and microalgae, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other vitamins necessary for hair and hair, AHA, BHA and PHA organic acids, active and stable active substances.


Our suppliers have access to more than 2,700km of coastline in Brittany, a region of western France where exceptional biodiversity is found. From them, with the help of photobioreactors, active substances of the highest quality and purity are extracted, which ensures extremely strong efficiency of the ingredients.

We protect the ecosystems of lakes, forests and fields - we protect the flora and fauna by choosing only self-decomposing and extremely fast-degrading materials. Surfactants, emulsifiers, surfactants and conditioners in our products are gentle on man and nature.

We use a wide portfolio of COSMOS and ECOCERT certified raw materials that are extracted using a sustainable industrial model and decompose on their own, leaving no trace that could harm the environment.


One of our most important values ​​is science and knowledge, which can be used to create an effective, reliable and skin-friendly product. The founder of MANILLA, doctor Rūta Merkytė, started her journey into the world of cosmetics back in 2009 and all these years, applying her knowledge of medicine and chemistry, she developed unique and clean formulas for those who value quality and naturalness.


Know-how is the biggest business secret of MANILLA, which allows us to offer effective skin care solutions day by day and at the same time overcome various skin problems that customers face both in Lithuania and around the world.


That is why our mission is to use the latest biotechnology to produce cosmetics with a clean, safe and exceptional quality composition that creates human added value.

Dr. Rūta Merkytė is a Medical doctor & Entrepreneur, Founder of biggest natural skincare brand in Lithuania, SPA center and Esthetic Clinics. R&D specialist, kiteboarding instructor, yogini, tennis player. 


This young entrepreneur is a medical doctor, who dedicated her life to making other people beautiful by nurturing their skin. After 8 years of studying medicine and working in the biggest hospitals in Lithuania, she decided to quit medical career and established cosmetics manufacturing, branding and sales business, which after 4 years of running became second biggest in Lithuania and well-known to every native person along with Medical SPA center, Clinics and 10 personal brand shops all over her country. Ruta is also a public speaker and pioneer of a mastermind network in her country, organizing entrepreneurs dinners, gather-ups, events and connecting people that are looking for better in the world. The plan for 2022 is to conquer European and US markets.



Mrs. Rūta Merkytė is a founder and creative director of Dermofaktorius Ltd, known as Manilla business brand. Rūta is a medical professional, devoting her career to holistic skin and body care. She is the head of the cosmetics creation process, building each product on the values of effectiveness, highest quality and naturalism. It is also the priority for the company as well as for Rūta to give back to Nature, build up a strong “know how” and learn constantly. She has extensive experience working for the past 13 years with natural cosmetics and skin research, learning from the best American professionals of Natural skincare school. Rūta is an accomplished and competent cosmetics creator having excellent interpersonal skills capable of managing a variety of different processes and people. Together with team MANILLA Rūta has managed several company launches and organized a diverse range of conferences, seminars and training programs.


We invite and encourage customers to look for new approaches for their skin.


*Reinvent your skin to see better results*


*Reinvent your skin with natural cosmetics*


*Reinvent your skin to build effective routine*


The mission of the MANILLA brand is inseparable from the strengthening of the country's economy. For this reason, the company remains indifferent to those groups in society that need help now to strengthen and contribute to the well-being of their communities, organizations, and the country as a whole in the future. We support:

- Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group, a charity and support fund that protects children with oncological diseases and their families. We allocate part of the funds for its activities from all the products of the children's cosmetics line sold.

- active lifestyle initiatives and events: tennis tournaments, traditional running initiatives to support women with breast cancer. 

 - Not only do we plant trees ourselves - we donated hundreds of seedlings to the VU Botanical Garden of Lithuania, which expanded the garden's green collection and thus contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

The goal of the MANILLA company is to take care not only of your outer beauty - the skin, but also to educate you about the benefits of natural cosmetics, ingredients, use of products, skin types and the most common mistakes that often cause your feet to achieve the desired results. 

We strive to ensure that every customer is able to read the composition of cosmetics and choose the right skin care products correctly, as the supply is extremely high and advertising messages can mislead more than one.

Our main goal is not only to educate about cosmetics and their use, but also to touch on life aspects that are important to our community and not related to external beauty. 

That is why Dr. Rūta Merkytė gives lectures on self-confidence, health, spiritual practices and shares her knowledge as an ordinary person and specialist. It helps to build a close relationship with our customers and understand them, respond to their needs and provide what they need most.

MANILLA was created out of a desire to help people in every way, and that goal has remained the same until now - the community is what inspires and leads us forward.

“Our mission is to use the latest biotechnologies to create cosmetic products whose clean, safe and exceptional quality composition is effective for humans and creates added value for Lithuania - both on the path of economic improvement and in increasing international awareness.

Over the next 10 years, our vision is to become an international brand that uses only renewable carbon (the raw material from which raw materials are extracted) and energy sources. Also, we aim to use only degradable and non-damaging packaging and ingredients that protect the oceans - we do not use silicones and microplastics in our formulas.

We want to set an example for other companies by promoting a green and sustainable business model. ” 

"I have created cosmetics that are used and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people around the world that protect and conserve nature, create a community of awareness, inspire people to believe in themselves, that they can do better and more, that we can all be the creators of our lives. hands and start working. I know I'm doing the right thing, that's my mission. "