A message from the CEO

Everything is simple in life if you know and understand the basic rules.

Basics are even more important than any specific knowledge or skill set that might impact environment, political or macro-economic trends, accelerate growth, business dynamics, innovation, or any other aspiration that we put on ourselves as human beings.

For me the basics is what we are at present moment. What we choose to be now. This is defined by our continuous behaviors, decisions, and habits. There is no compromise here.

I am led by values, and this means my basics cannot be compromised. Love, health, home, family, and creativity are the core and everything else goes after those. And these are universal, they also bring answer to every possible question that might arise. If it is honest, it means I act and create the world around me based on this. I run the company led by these values, we create community that support it, we choose our relationship that are honest, transparent, and sustainable, we create products, pack, and distribute it the way that benefits people and planet. We are aware of our footprint and our aim is to make it neutral. And most important is, we do it all with love, care, and respect. At the end it is the true value that we can create, it is simple and it sustains.

About this report

This report provides information about social impact, sustainability activities and performance of Manilla. The disclosure of the significant topics and impacts related to the Company have been guided by the Materiality Principle. We have structured this Sustainability Report according to ESG – environmental, social and governance factors.

This sustainability report has been prepared following the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (Core option). The GRI is an independent international organization developing sustainability reporting standards to help companies objectively assess and communicate their impact to stakeholders. In addition, it includes non-financial information, referring to the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) framework. The report has not been formally audited by third parties. The information provided in the report covers the 2021 January 1 - 31 December period. The scope of information disclosed has been expanded to better reflect materiality and key stakeholder expectations. The previous Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2020 was issued in March 2021. For questions regarding the Sustainability report’s content please contact info@manilla.lt.

For the full report in PDF format, click here.